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The top 10 of the fishing rod brands around the world of fishing

You have your fishing rod brands favorites? Then you need to read this publication now. Fishing rods are long, flexible devices used to catch fish in rivers, lakes, oceans, streams and ponds. Several features of fishing rods include action, power, taper, weight, length, responsiveness, and line weight of the bait. But I believe that this basic concept is already part of your knowledge, do you fisherman friend?

But this publication deals with quality fishing rods, and help you to know the best fishing rod brands available in the fish market brought a post with some suggestions of the product. It can be confusing to select a new fishing rod. Here’s all you need to know about fishing rods and choose the right one for you.

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Now meet the 10 best fishing rod brands (my opinion)

  1. Shimano
  2. Temple Reef
  3. Trabucco
  4. Daiwa
  5. Yuki
  6. Spinoza
  7. Redai
  8. Penn
  9. Okuma
  10. Saint Plus

1. Shimano

marcas de vara de pesca chimano

The Shimano understands the fisherman needs. That’s why you will find a wide range of fishing rods designed for practitioners of all ages and levels of experience, and all kinds of fishing arrangements.

Shimano Latin America, a subsidiary of Japan’s Shimano Inc. was established in 2007 to, from his office in Brazil, coordinating the representation of works and actions of the brand in Latin America. In addition to working for the expansion and development of cycling and fishing markets, the office of Shimano Latin America supports its network of distributors throughout Latin America, ensuring the availability of our products, pre and post sales, technical development and support to market professionals and consumers throughout the region.

Shimano Latin America has a team of professionals committed to the constant evolution of our markets throughout Latin America, honoring the Mission Company Statement: To promote the happiness and well-being through interaction with nature and the world around us .

2. Temple Reef

marcas de Vara de pesca temple reef

The development of products Temple Reef is supported by experts and meticulously selected testers and specifically recruited for their knowledge and experience. Your comments and prototype testing allow us to design and design a wide range of special rods. Our goal is to provide high-performance products at a reasonable price, so that fishermen from day to day can experience the same products that professionals use without breaking the bank.

Only premium materials and components are used in the construction of our rods. The raw materials of the Temple Reef are 100% manufactured in Japan to maintain consistency in quality and performance. We use only pre-impregnated carbon nest Toray Industries and Mitsubishi Chemical Industries. Critical components like guides are also Japanese and epoxy is imported from the USA.

Every single model is designed from the ground up based on what our ProStaff need. It is then tested at the factory, then reworked and tested again; this process is repeated until our questions are met.

3. Trabucco

marcas de Vara de Pesca trabucco

Sticks Trabucco have an excellent cost-benefit ratio for the performance you get. Founded in 1986, thanks to the experience and passion of Roberto Trabucco, the TRABUCCO FISHING DIFFUSION is commercial leader since the first year of business in quality and assortment of products. The well – known competition fishing fights, lethal groundbaits, unmatched line quality, precision and technical solution on floats, make TRABUCCO FISHING DIFFUSION one of the most recognized brands in the European market.

The research and development of new products can rely on the experience of the “Champion”, enabling the production of new items with unique features, which are extremely important for the growth of the company.

4. Daiwa

marcas de vara de pesca daiwa

The fishing rods Daiwa represent the pinnacle of technology and innovation. The wiring Daiwa rods and suspended project continue to exceed expectations through excellence in engineering, facing the challenge to remain a world leader in fishing tackle. Discover the wide range of Daiwa fishing rods.

The Globeride, Inc. is a Japanese company that produces fishing equipment, as well as tennis equipment, golf and cycling. Fishing Products Globeride, sold under the brand Daiwa, account for the majority of its sales.

5. Yuki

varas de pesca yuki

The Yuki rods are exceptional continental fishing rods and are at the forefront with a stick to suit most places and situations, as well as a series of fantastic fishing rods. In 1993, the company Artfishing SL by the hand of Leonel Pereira, thanks to his love since childhood for sport fishing and realized his dream, making your passion your way of life.

From the beginning, his greatest wish was to travel around the world to meet and develop the many existing techniques fishing in each country, focusing primarily on the study of materials and improvements that enabled the advancement and evolution of the sport fishing industry.

6. Spinoza

varas de pesca spinoza

The Spinoza builds the world’s finest bamboo sticks and celebrating the history and craft of fly fishing. Since 1973, Marc Aroner builds high performance bamboo rods for anglers worldwide. Today he continues this tradition in his studio in New England and also sells classic equipment and classics.

The genesis of Spinoza Rod Company in 1973, when, on the advice of friends, Marc Aroner entered the Thomas & Thomas Rod Company in Greenfield, Massachusetts, hoping to find someone who could fix his broken fiberglass stick lately. There he met the bamboo producer Tom Maxwell and Tom Dorsey and found himself mesmerized by his office. He often returned in the following months, culminating in the signing of an apprentice contract earlier in the fall. He has made bamboo sticks professionally since.

7. Redai

marcas de vara de pesca redai

The Redai offers fishing rods manufactured with the best materials and technology available in the world, for the fisheries on peacock bass, sea bass, gold and other species of Brazilian fish.

The Redai was born of the need to create excellent quality products, compared to the best fishing equipment found in the world, but adapted to Brazilian species of fish.

Using the best materials and technology available in the market, coupled with the experience of over 20 years of our developers, our team was able to innovate the market, creating products with international quality. The Redai sticks are made in an almost artisanal process that results in a product of extremely high quality, ready to support the sportiness of the fish and all the fishing features in Brazil.

8. Penn


Experience unmatched quality of Penn fishing rods . Since Otto Henze founded the Penn Fishing Tackle Company in 1932, the company is at the forefront of design and production of modern reels.

Penn is proud of the fact that millions of experienced fishermen around the world put their faith in PENN products every day. That’s what inspires Penn to continue the dream of our founder to manufacture the highest quality fishing tackle world.

9. Okuma


If you are playing big baits in the waves or dropping a dry fly, sticks Okuma were built with you, the fisherman in mind. Since 1986, Okuma Fishing is a fishing rods and reels manufacturer based in Taiwan. The Okuma Fishing strives to provide the best fishing experience to all and to create the best reels and fishing rods for our fellow fishermen, which are light and accurate.

The Okuma Fishing offers quality fishing rods and accessible, such as fishing rods, floating bars, wire rods; fishing reels, including spinning, baitcast, trolling and fly reels. They are all made with advanced materials with dynamic designs.

10. Saint Plus

saint plus

Their fishing trips will be much easier and rewarding after acquiring one of Saint Plus Stick . The brand operates in the Brazilian market for over 10 years always innovating and bringing to Brazil the very best products for fishing, always improving their products to meet quality standards ever higher.

It is currently distributed throughout the national market for the Pet of Brazil , which guarantees the origin who resells and provides full assistance to those who use the products Saint Plus. To take their fishery products Saint Plus, know that behind them there is he who takes their sport seriously or pleasure.

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