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If you love sport fishing you can’t miss these blogs

Sport fishing is one of the most practiced sports in the world, and there is a lot of interesting content distributed on fishing blogs around the world. We want to compile some of the fishing blogs that stand out the most on the fishing planet. We will honor 10 blogs from the 10 countries with the largest number of practitioners of this exciting sport.

Fishing blogs are not very different from conventional blogs, containing various categories of subjects, images, videos and news. What we try to do here on this list is to offer you a list of good fishing blog suggestions, not only for experienced anglers but for the most novice.

These are the best fishing blogs in the world for you to visit in 2021

1. Pescaria S/A – Brazil

logo pescaria sa blog de pesca esportiva do brasil

Let’s start humbly by recommending everyone to visit our Brazilian fishing blog. Our blog was founded in 2018 and the focus was initially on fishing in Brazil, later evolving to international issues with articles in English and Spanish. If you are interested in fishing in the Amazon and other Brazilian and South American locations, check out the Blog Pescaria S / A.

2. Payne Outdoors – USA

payne outdoors best fishing blogs 2021

Chris Payne was born in Houston, TX and has resided in Texas his entire life spanning the South Plains near Lubbock, TX down to Central Texas where he lives in Belton, TX. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising/Graphic Design from Abilene Christian University and a Master’s Degree in Clinical Practice Management from Texas Tech University. For the last 15 years he has called Lake Belton home.

Though not as typical for a Texas angler, Payne loves to target smallmouth in his home lake and can almost always be found in his Hobie Outback when on big water. For smaller waters, he prefers the Crescent LiteTackle or the NRS Heron SUP.

In 2003, newly married and broke, Payne wanted to get off the bank to fish. He plopped down his tax refund of $200 on the only kayak sold in his town. From that moment it was over. To this day he says nothing compares to the tranquility, closeness to nature, and personal peace that comes from paddling or pedaling across the water.

Payne has been and continues to be an active outdoor writer, speaker, educator, and volunteer, teaching people the ins and outs of kayak fishing and safety. He also is the former owner and co-founder of Kayak Bass Fishing Magazine and the new founder and owner of Kayak Fishing Quarterly Magazine, a free digital magazine that covers kayak fishing and more. Visit Payne Outdoors.

3. The Fishing Website – New Zeland

the fishing website best fishing blogs 2021

Fishing.net.nz has everything you need to know about fishing. You’ll find fishing reports, fishing tips, fishing charters and plenty of fishing advice, hints and techniques on everything from snapper fishing to gamefishing on The Fishing Website.

New Zealand has world-leading striped marlin and yellowtail kingfish fisheries as well as superb recreational fishing for snapper, kingfish, kahawai, tarakihi, trevally, blue cod, john dory, gurnard, hapuku & bass, trout & salmon. If you have a fishing question or want to check out what fellow fisho’s think on a particular fishing topic, visit also our fishing forums.

4. Just-Fish – United Kingdom

best fishing blogs 2021 just-fish uk blog

Andrew Kennedy is a man born and raised in Derbyshire and has spent most of his free time fishing since he was 5 years old. His father bought him a telescopic fishing rod when he was on vacation in Ibiza, and since then, he is rarely seen without his rod in hand!

Andrew Kennedy is the author of one of the most interesting blogs I’ve ever read. Just-Fish. I recommend you to know the content generated by this excellent British fisherman.

5. Fly Fishing Russia – Russia

Fly Fishing Russia is a blog by Russian fisherman Mikhail Skopets. This fisherman is a free journalist, writing for sport fishing and outdoor magazines, mostly Russian. In addition, it participates in environmental projects of different types, including industrial ecology.

He continues to work with fly fishermen, collaborates with sport fishing clubs in the Russian Far East, participates in casting training and fly-linking programs.

6. Canadian Fishing Networks – Canada

The Canadian Fishing Network (CFN) is a movement and platform that will show and feature fishing in Canada, the country, people and companies in the sector. This is not a “how to fish” blog, but a “looking at Canadian fishing” blog.

Here is an overview of what they do:

– Spotlight the Canadian fishing industry on the website as well as produce shows on the following:
– Cover and highlight Canadian fishing tournaments with scoreboards and leader boards
– Feature excellent fishing destinations
– Feature Canadian Pro anglers
– Feature Canadian made products
– Feature Canadian organizations

– Compile as much information about Canadian fishing into one website
– Create an extensive Canadian business directory in the fishing and hospitality industry
– Sign up – connect all Canadian anglers into the community site e.g. facebook, instagram
– Compile videos from the net on fishing in Canada
– Events Calendar
– On-line Contests
– Coupons

7. Fecop – Costa Rica

In FECOP website or blog informs local and foreign fishermen better than FECOP. FECOP is an NGO in Costa Rica dedicated to maintaining healthy fisheries of tourist interest, marine conservation, as well as protecting the livelihoods of coastal communities. At the beginning of this century, the amount of fish caught by fishermen in Costa Rica began to decline steadily, leaving tourists disappointed and charter fleets scratching their heads.

It was then discovered in 2008 that more than 600,000 pounds of sailfish meat were exported to the United States each year, often ending up in restaurants as smoked fish spreads. Most consumers had no idea that the tasty fish they were eating was sailfish. A small group of charter captains formed the Costa Rican Fisheries Federation, or FECOP, a non-governmental federation of sport fishing interests to pressure the government, backed by science, to better manage Costa Rica’s territorial waters. (The country’s territorial waters are 11 times larger than the size of its land surface).

The group pressured INCOPESCA, the governing agency for Costa Rican fishing, citing the importance of sport fishing for coastal communities; in March 2009, Costa Rica banned the export of sailfish. A decade later, sailfish numbers have returned strongly. Sailfish can still be accidentally caught and sold on the domestic market, but must be released if alive on a line when caught.

8. Pesca en Argentina – Argentina

Meet Pesca en Argentina. This is a Sports Fishing blog in Argentina. News and news about sport fishing in Argentina. All the news about sport fishing in Argentina. Notes, surveys, directory of fishing guides and accommodations, lunar calendar, weather in Argentina and everything you need to enjoy this beautiful discipline.

9. Anglinks – South Africa


Anglink is a blog from South Africa, which belongs to a couple in love with fishing.Fishing and traveling is everything. Linky and Martin love to see new places across their beautiful country and this blog serves as a light record of their fishing expeditions.

They also include maps for fishing locations and useful information they have discovered over the years. You will find a lot of information about fishing in South Africa in this apparently simple but very interesting and rich blog.

10. Peche.com – France

Peche.com is a complete digital magazine rich in fishing content in France. A very interesting reading for lovers of sport fishing who is curious to know the fishing habits of the French who hold records of sport fishing such as Carp, for example.

Final considerations

I hope you like my list of fishing blogs that I consider the best for you to visit in 2021. Take the time to leave in the comments any suggestions there from your country. Thank you so much for your visit at Pescaria S / A. Enjoy and follow Pesca S/A on Facebook and stay up to date on our content. Thank you for visiting the Blog Pesca S/A. Good fishing!

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