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Fishing in the quarantine: what is your opinion on this?

The moment is to avoid agglomerations to prevent the coronavirus pandemic from advancing but in more remote areas fishing may be occurring normally Do you think you can fishing in the quarantine there in your region? The authorities’ recommendations are very clear: total social isolation. Especially in large centers where there is a greater concentration…

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10 best Fishing Rods brands in the World

The top 10 of the fishing rod brands around the world of fishing You have your fishing rod brands favorites? Then you need to read this publication now. Fishing rods are long, flexible devices used to catch fish in rivers, lakes, oceans, streams and ponds. Several features of fishing rods include action, power, taper, weight, length, responsiveness, and…

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What is sport fishing and how important is it?

Important for the environment, for fishing enthusiasts and for the economy: get to know Sport Fishing! Sport fishing is a recreational sport that arose from traditional fishing, with the objective of releasing the fish caught right after bee hooked, in time for this fish not to suffer impacts that result in its death. Another feature…

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