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Player holds more than 15 national and international titles and retired from football at Rio Ave de Portugal

Have you ever imagined a famous player turning professional fisherman and sailing the 7 seas behind the fish that supplies millions of people? Fábio Coentrão, Portuguese who played many seasons for Real Madrid of Spain, gave an interview to Empower Brand Channel in which he talks about life dedicated to fishing after leaving football.

Fábio Coentrão shares his experience and dreams in this new adventure in the fisheries sector, which, as Manuel Marques, president of the Association of Shipowners of the North, says:

“is a paid lifestyle.” says Manuel Marques.

It is in the pier of the docapesca de Matosinhos that begins another trip to the universe of the economy of the sea and it is from there that Fatima Lopes will leave to witness a new fishing art, this time that of the siege, which, according to INE, in 2020, registered the highest percentage of fishermen enrolled in the northern region of the country.

Since the northern region itself continues to have the highest rate of fishermen registered in Portugal with 29.7%, it is worth climbing on board this episode and see how you can change for the better making after all fishing and the sea a lifestyle!

Who is Fabio Coentrão?

fabio coentrao former player fisherman

Fábio Alexandre da Silva Coentrão is a former Portuguese who played as a left back or left winger. He rose to prominence in the 2009–10 season, thanks in part to Jorge Jesus, then coach of Benfica, who adapted him to left back, where he played most of the season.

The player began his career at Rio Ave de Portugal, passing through Benfica, Zaragoza, Real Madrid, Monaco, Sporting and ended his career at Rio Ave in 2021.

Player talked about becoming a fisherman

“People who love the sea and who want to experience the sea need to follow their will, their dream. It is also a work for the new generations. Life at sea is not a shame, as many people think. It’s a job like any other. Not only that. The sea is beautiful and we need it. These people must be respected as in any other profession,” he began by saying.

“I’ve been coming here since I was born. My dad had a boat, he was in the fishing industry and I used to go with him a lot. When I had time or i was on vacation, I used to come here whenever I could. My life was the sea and the fishing. Of course I knew that football was going to end someday and that I would have to take a new direction in my life. And my happiness is this boat and this is the life I want to lead”, finished Fábio Coentrão.

Fábio Coentrão accumulates dozens of important titles in his football career, among them 2 Champions League, 3 FIFA Club World Cups, 2 Spanish Championships and 1 Portuguese Championship, among other titles. The name of Fábio Coentrão’s fishing boat is “Vitória Coentrão”.

Final considerations

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